0100: New “Inspire” Podcast (Introduction)

Welcome to Season 1 Episode 0 (as in, zero) of my brand new podcast titled “Inspire: Faith and Leadership Online.” In this introductory episode to my new podcast I outline the three main themes or subjects that I’ll be podcasting about and I share with you what you can expect from me here. I also give you a sneak peek into the first episode.

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Note: Because this is the first episode, it will take about a week before it shows up in iTunes.

Show Notes

Inspire is a podcast for leaders online and those who aspire to me one. Keep in mind that a leader is not necessarily someone who holds an official title. In fact, if you’re a follower of Jesus, then you’ve been called to make disciples. And that means Jesus asks you to be a leader. You are a leader. And this podcast is for you.

3 Main Themes

My podcast will be driven by three main themes or subjects:

1. Social Media and Technology

I’ll help you navigate social media with tips and advice to get the most out of it and it’ll point you to tools and ideas for you church, ministry and life. This will include how to make quality YouTube video for your ministry on a low budget, how to get the most out of Facebook and so on.

2. Leadership Online

There’s a lot of leadership podcasts out there. But this podcast is specifically about how to be a leader in the digital space. How to conduct yourself. How private or public should your digital life be. How to engage online with integrity.

3. Pop Culture and Current Events

We’ll be discussing books, movies and other pop culture related stores as they pertain to the Christian faith. It’s really important for Christian leaders to be engaged and informed about what’s going on in the digital space and in pop culture. And we’ll be discussing why in a future episode.


Just a few notes going forward.

First, podcasting is a new venture for me and there will no doubt be a learning curve. Have a little mercy. 🙂

Second, my podcast will be streamed to iTunes. This is for your convenience because it allows you to subscribe just to the podcast if you wish so that every new episode can be streamed directly to your smartphone device. (Of course you can also subscribe to this blog and I’ll notify you every time a new episode is published.)

Third, I would really appreciate it if you could do two things for me. 1. it would really help if you could go to iTunes and rate my podcast. The higher my rating the more visibility it will receive and this means it’ll reach and help more people. You can partner with me simply by rating it in iTunes. 2. A second way you can partner with me is by sharing this episode on a social media platform of your choice or even by emailing it to a friend.

Question: What questions and subjects would you like me to tackle in an upcoming episode? You can leave a comment by clicking here.