10 Time-Saving Social Media Hacks For Pastors

You’re busy. I get that. And you know that social media is important for your ministry. But social media can be so time-consuming that you just don’t know how to possibly keep up. Well, I’ve got 10 time-saving hacks that will enhance your social media presence while saving you time.

1. Choose one platform to focus on.

Find the platform that is the best fit for you and where the most people are that you want to reach, and focus on that platform. If it’s Twitter, become an expert on Twitter. If it’s Instagram, become an expert on Instagram. Some pastors feel they need to be on every social media site they know about. But that is impossible to maintain. Find the right one for you, and focus on just that one.

2. Set aside one hour a day

It helps to block in social media on your daily calendar. For a lot of people the best time to do social media is the first thing in the morning. This allows them to update their online presence and then not worry about it for the rest of the day.

3. Tweet-on-the-go

Social media is a conversation. Though you updated you status’ first thing in the morning you can still reply to people throughout the day checking in from time to time. You can set aside two five-minute breaks in the afternoon to check in and reply to what people are saying.

4. Use BufferApp

This is a great tool. BufferApp is a program that will allow you to buffer all of your posts to go out to your social media platforms throughout the day. So even though you spend one hour in the morning doing your status updates, those posts can be evenly spread out. This way you can reach more people with your posts without annoying people with ten updates all at the same time.

5. Facebook “Schedule Post.”

On your Facebook Page for your church you can schedule posts much the same as BufferApp. If you only focus on Facebook and don’t want to get into another program, y0u can still schedule your posts right inside of Facebook.

6. Write blog posts ahead of time.

If your church has an active blog, articles can be written ahead of time and postdated. You can set aside four hours first thing Monday morning to write two or three blog posts and schedule them to be published on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, for example.

7. Use TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a great program that allows you to see what’s happening on all of your social media platforms at the same time. It has different columns you can set up for Facebook, Twitter, different lists so you can prioritize if you want to listen in on what your family are doing or perhaps follow the activity of your fellow ministers or parishioners and so on.

8. Delegate (a little)

It’s never a bad idea to recruit help. I’m a huge believer that church’s should have social media teams. As a pastor you should consider pulling back a bit from your church’s social media activity and find trusted parishioners who help fill the void. But you should have a presence online because people want to know that their leader is accessible. Social media is a great way to do that while staying in control of your boundaries.

9. Plan Ahead

Have a schedule throughout the week of what you’re going to post. The less thinking you have to do on the fly the more time you’ll save. Do all of your thinking ahead of time (what you’re going to post, when, on what platform) and then put it in your calendar.

10. Use a bucket

Keep a notepad on you and drop ideas in it as they come throughout the day. Fill up that bucket and when you’re ready to update your social media, reach into the bucket and pull out some of your ideas.

If you do these 10 time-saving hacks not only will you save time, you’ll also be maintaining a steady and reliable presence online and this will grow your audience and your influence.

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  • Vicki Twiford

    Have you ever tried Hootsuite? I was just wondering how it compares to BufferApp.

    • Vicki, I had the same question. Thanks for asking!

    • Hootsuite is closer in comparison to TweetDeck than BufferApp because whereas BufferApp is a service that just allows you to buffer your posts to your different platforms, Hootsuite is a full and powerful social media dashboard (so is TweetDeck, but the later is just for Twitter). So if you want a simple system (I like simple), go with BufferApp, if you want something on steroids, go with Hootsuite.

      • Vicki Twiford

        I’m all for simple! I’ll look into BufferApp for sure.