30 Days in #Twitterville for Church Leaders

Beginning August 1 I’m starting a new step-by-step series on how to use Twitter for Church Leaders. This series will take you from the “why” (“why should we bother with Twitter?”) all the way to the “wow” (“This is amazing! Why haven’t we used Twitter before?”)


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30 Days in #Twitterville will span the month of August in which I’ll be blogging through step-by-step on how to get the most out of twitter for church leaders.

If you’re new to Twitter or don’t have a Twitter account yet, perfect. This series will begin at the most basic level about why you, your church or ministry need to have a Twitter account, and how to set one up.

But if you’re not new to Twitter that’s great too because this series will go deep and talk about branding, strategies and tools to take your Twitter experience to the next level.

Here’s a convicting quote by Ed Stetzer from a Christianity Today article:

I’ve said before, only half jokingly, that pastors who are not on Twitter are in sin. Social media is a valid ministry of the church. Online community can enhance the physical community.

Social media is a ministry, just like Sunday School, just like Youth Group, just like your local can drive. The difference is that social media is foreign territory to many of us. Not just because it’s relatively new, but because it’s in a constant state of change. So we need to educate ourselves.

Think about it this way: if you were to go into the mission field, it wouldn’t be wise to just buy a ticket and whisk yourself off to a strange village somewhere on the other side of the globe without first educating yourself.

  • What are the commoners like?
  • What language to they speak?
  • What food to they eat?
  • What taboos do they share?
  • What unique customs do they have?
  • How is their society structured?

Well it’s the exact same with social media. To navigate this new digital terrain you’ll need the proper tools like a compass, map, translator, guide and so on. 30 Days in #Twitterville will do just that. I’ll train you to leverage Twitter for your ministry and personal lives. After one month you’ll be off and running and before long, if you follow my instructions, you’ll see some amazing results. Promise.


30 Days in #Twitterville Outline

Here’s a basic outline of what you can expect during our tour de #Twitterville:

Twitterville Outline

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