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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Derek and this is my personal blog where I write and sometimes podcast about faith, family, leadership and technology.

My big mission here is to help Christians be better leaders, communicators and influencers online. As a result most of what I write has to do with social media and culture in a faith context with a smathering of general leadership and family matters thrown in for good measure.

My goal is to empower you to be a force of influence in the digital space.

For almost a decade I was the marketing manager for a Christian bookstore in Canada before launching this website. Today I’m a writer, author and small business owner. I use my experience and knowledge to offer training courses such as my Self-Publishing course, my Practical Platform Building course and I have a membership site called iGospel Academy.

I’d love it if you’d join my community! So I want to give you this amazing resource I’ve created called The Ministry Entrepreneur’s Quick Start Guide To Platform Building. It’s a sixty-page highly valuable and super practical resource to help you build a platform like mine so you can have greater influence online.

Yes! I’d love to join your community and get that book!


I was raised in a just-above poverty level household with divorced and remarried parents and many siblings (if you come from a broken home, you know how complicated this can be). My immediate family converted to Christianity when I was 11. In my early 20’s I attended a Bible College in Saskatchewan Canada and then spent a brief stint as a pastor-intern in Nova Scotia before returning to my home in Windsor Ontario.

In 2005 I was hired as a sales associate for a large Christian bookstore chain in Canada, and shortly afterwards I was promoted to marketing manager until 2014. Today I own and operate my own Christian bookstore on the side (Inspired Christian Storehouse).

In 2007 I married Yecenia, the most wonderful woman, and together we have two beautiful little girls born to us early in 2013 and 2016. At the start of 2014 I published a book called The Joys of Marriage: Surviving the First Year of Marriage (With Joy). You can buy the paperback here, and the Kindle version here. I wrote it for my wife as an anniversary present. It’s not intended for a wide readership, but by popular demand I put it up on Amazon. You’ve been warned.

I’ve served on the board of a Nazarene church where I preach on occasion (much to the chagrin of some, I’m sure!). I also served on the board of Project-X from 2010 to 2012. Project X was a Youth Concert Event held annually in Leamington Ontario. It has brought in such artists as Leeland, KJ52, Downhere, The Almost, Jars of Clay and more.

As far as my interests go, I play guitar, read, write, and enjoy fishing, going to the movies and spending the summers bouncing around to every festival we can with my wife and daughter.


You can shoot me an email from my contact page or connect with me through my official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you’d like to have me speak at your event visit my speaking page.


The photo you see above and in the banner for this website was graciously provided by the amazing and ever-talented Lynn Maria Barton.



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  • The work you are doing to encourage Christians to use social media more effectively is to be commended. What a great mission. I wish you well and I’ll pray for your success. Peace in Christ.