Free Social Media Webinar For Churches

This Friday (May 8) I’ll be running a one-time live social media training webinar for churches. This is a FREE social media training webinar designed to do several things:

1. You will learn my powerful and effective 10-step social media strategy for churches.

2. You will be given my 10-step social media strategy walkthrough guide to download for free.

3. You will be given an opportunity to share with me your struggles with social media.

4. You’ll be able to ask me any question you want related to social media and your ministry.

Don’t miss out on this great event!

Friday at 1:30pm Easter Time (10:30 am Pacific)

Register Here!

Take my 2014 Reader’s Survey

I want to make my blog as relevant to you as possible so that I can meet your needs. To do that I need to know a few things about you. Please take a moment or two to fill out my 2014 Readers Survey. By filling out this survey you will ultimately be helping yourself because you’ll be giving me information that will allow me to write content that is more specific to your interests.


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Social Media Training for Pastors

Monday I’m opening registration for a live 3-part social media training webinar for church leaders.


  • The course is called “Social Media and the Local Church.”
  • It will be limited to the first 50 people who register.
  • Registration will be open until Friday, August 29 or until 50 people register.
  • Cost is $17 with a full risk free money back guarantee.

The live course will be broken up into 3 classes over a period of three weeks. Each class will be about 45 minutes to an hour in length and they’ll be held on Tuesday’s at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time. (more…)

Twitterville on the shelf

A few weeks back I announced that we were going to spend the month of August learning to use Twitter. Since then I’ve interacted with many of you through surveys, comments and email. And what many of you expressed is a stronger interest in how to get a church or ministry website. So I listened and decided to make church websites a priority.

I’ve been working diligently to put together a course I’m tentatively calling EZ Church Website Setup because it is really easy. But a lot of church leaders just don’t know where to begin. So look for that over the next two weeks. We’ll come back to Twitter in the future.

Update #2: e-Book is now available (and FREE)

Church Leaders Online[Site Launch Date – July 1. Subscribe Today so you don’t miss a beat!]

Somehow I managed to get ‘er done in the midst of everything else I’ve got on my plate at the moment. I’m proud to announce that my new e-book is now available. I’m giving it away FREE to my subscribers (if you already subscribe, there is no need to re-subscribe. I’ll gladly send you a copy). If you would rather buy at copy click here. I’m selling it for $7 (retail $17). But I’d rather just give you a copy. So go ahead and subscribe now: (more…)


Wow! Going out of business is tough business!

The Christian bookstore I work for closes its doors for the last time on June 14, and I feel like I’ve never worked so much in my life. I’m not trying to make excuses of course, but I hope you understand why I missed my self-imposed June 1 deadline for the e-book I promised you. Of course I could pump it out as is, maybe deliver it in pieces, but I really want to give you an amazing, quality e-book resource. It’s coming along good and in fact there’s been a development. I’ve changed the name and focus of the book from “Why Social Media?” to “Church Leaders Online? 3 Reasons why the web needs you.” There’s significant overlap with the original project, but as I wrote the book seemed to take a direction of its own. Its new release date is June 16. Here’s a new and updated cover: (more…)

Announcement: Stay tuned

I’m Derek, author of the forthcoming book Church 2.0: A Guide to Digital Ministry for Churches. My mission is to empower church leaders to effectively reach their audience in the 21st century. The launch date for this website is July 1, but I can’t promise posts won’t be published between now and then. (more…)