Are social algorithms the end of your influence?

3 Reasons Instagram's Algorithm Is Good For You

In case you missed the news, Instagram announced that it will begin sorting images in its feed according to the content that Instagram thinks its users want to see the most.

In other words, like Facebook (who owns Instagram), Instagram is developing an algorithm that takes several factors into consideration such as

“… the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post…”

What this means for you as a user is when you open Instagram, rather than seeing posts in chronological order with the most recent post at the top, you’ll see posts organized according to what Instagram thinks you will want to see the most.

But as a platform builder, ministry entrepreneur or church communicator, what this means for you is that people might view your content less (or more) than they are now, depending how much your followers like your content.

As soon as Instagram made their announcement entrepreneurs, small businesses, churches and ministries panicked. I even saw a thread of church communicators titled “Farewell, Instagram.” And posts began showing up in my newsfeed of people practically begging their followers to “turn on notifications.” (My advice, don’t go there.)

But you don’t have to worry. Instagram’s algorithm isn’t the end of your influence. I fact, it might just be the beginning.

And here’s why:

1. 70% of your followers currently don’t see your posts.

Instagram claims that people miss 70% of the content in their feeds. If we reverse-engineer that number, it means that only 30% of your followers ever see your posts. Because once you post something it starts at the top of the newsfeed and begins its journey down into the abyss of pasts posts.

By the time your follower logs into Instagram, your post has been buried under a pile of more recent posts (unless they happen to log in around the time that you posted). So the current situation isn’t very good as it is.

2. The number of people who see your content may go up.

Because the current situation for you isn’t very good as things stand, Instagram’s new algorithm means that in all likelihood, things will only get better for you.

If your fans follow you because they actually want to see your content, then Instagram will move your content closer to the top of their newsfeed which will result in you having more (not less) influence.

3. It’ll force you to be better at what you do.

People love free exposure. I know I do! But just because I force myself in front of people doesn’t mean that they actually want to see my content. And I think so many brands, businesses and ministries reacted to Instagram’s algorithm announcement because it suddenly caused us to stop and ask ourselves, “Is my content good enough to make the cut?”

And the fear is, it’s not.

So if we want more than 30% of our followers to see our content, we need to attract a highly targeted follower base, and post really good content. I think it’s good that Instagram has not separated “brands” from average users like Facebook has. Everybody is on equal footing. Because Instagram is just now beginning to roll out its new algorithm-based update, this is the perfect opportunity to get better at posting.

Become good now so you don’t slump down later.

a) post content frequently.

b) post high quality content.

c) post content your followers will want to see

Don’t be discouraged by Instagram’s new algorithm update. If anything, see this as the opportunity that it is.

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  • Peter Brassington

    Thanks for this Derek. I’m just beginning to explore Instagram and will add this to my next blog on the subject. I notice you don’t include dates on your posts. I guess that helps them not look out of date but also makes it harder to spot if they are. (It’s from April 2016 folks)