Are There Too Many Social Media Platforms?

Understanding the real challenge

A few weeks ago I went to dinner with a friend (who is also a pastor). I hadn’t seen him in years but we have one of those friendships where the moment you see each other you pick up exactly where you left off. In catching up I told him that I help ministry leaders use social media in their ministry, and guess what he said to me?

“Good luck.”

Not a very encouraging reaction.

He went on to explain that in ten years there are going to be so many social media platforms that it’ll be impossible to keep up. Essentially I’ll be out of work because nobody will be able to meet the demand.

And if this is the case then what does that mean for ministry leaders and churches? Are you destined to be left to fend for yourself amidst the crowded, ever-changing social media landscape?

If that’s the case, who can really keep up? The vast majority of people don’t have the time or resources to study and research how to use even their preferred social network. So should you even both trying?

We’re Already There

The truth is, we’re already there. Wikipedia has put together a list of more than two hundred active social media websites, not including dating sites or defunct sites.

Two hundred!

But how many social networking sites can you list off the top of your head? Five? Maybe six?

And how many social networking sites do you read about in the news? How many social networking sites do you hear people talk about? If you took a poll of the teenagers in your life, how many social networking sites do you think they’d be active on?

Not many. A recent study found that Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat (in that order) are the three main sites that teens spend their time engaging with.

It Doesn’t Matter

Here’s my point, it doesn’t matter if there are two hundred or two thousand social networking sites on the internet.

This is because only the fantastic few rise to the top and those are the few that social media coaches will study, excel and teach, and those are the few that you should invest in.

But those few will change. Giants will rise and giants will fall. The landscape is fluid.

Consider Google+, once hailed as Facebook’s great competitor. Now, on it’s way out.

And consider Periscope, Twitter’s new live video app. Launched only in March of this year, it already has over 10 million users who together watch over 350,000 hours of video every day (here).

Giants rise and giants fall.

Understanding Your Challenge

So the challenge we face today and in the coming years is not too many social networking sites. The challenge is staying up to date with which are the rising giants and which are the falling ones.

And here is where the experts come in.

I define a social media expert as someone who spends a good majority of their time and resources

  • studying trends in social media
  • learning to get the most out of the giant platforms
  • And disseminating that information to you so that you don’t have to

And more than that, but as someone who is a practitioner and who is actually getting results. And so the best advice I can give you is to find experts and practitioners and follow them. Subscribe to them. Join their membership sites if you can. Read their ebooks.

Learn From Successful Practitioners

Let me introduce you to one such practitioner.

Nils Smith is the author of The Social Media Guide for Ministry. But he also launched the Online Church which ministers to more than 16,000 people every week with more than 700,000 Facebook Fans. And he helped grow his church’s Facebook page to more than 32,ooo fans!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with Nils and talk about how he grew his ministry’s social media platforms to have such an impact and reach? What is his strategy? What’s his history? Can it be duplicated?

Well, I had the pleasure of doing just that. Recently Nils joined me on a live Skype call where we discussed his history and the techniques and strategies he uses to impact hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

It was a great interview and I learned so much!

Would you like to watch that interview? Yes?!

Well, let me tell you how you can have exclusive access to it.

How to Get Exclusive Access

My interview with Nils was for the Strategic Mission Class of Gospel Sneeze Academy which is my new membership website where I disseminate my very best content, interview high-profile practitioners and provide that content to the members.

We just opened the doors to Gospel Sneeze Academy yesterday to our Beta members with some exclusive bonus offers.

As a Beta member you’ll experience all of the quirks and hiccups of a new membership site and I’ll be depending on your feedback to work out the wrinkles before we go public.

As a perk you’ll get early access to our very first classes and interviews and your membership cost will be only $10 a month (which is virtually unheard of for this type of membership site). And that price will never go up for as long as you keep your membership. When we open the site up to the public in early 2016 at a higher price, your price as a Beta member will never go up.

So if you want access to my interview with Nils and other social media experts and if you passionately want to reach more lives with God’s contagious message, then make sure you enroll in Gospel Sneeze Academy right now.


I promise you I am working hard to make this one of the best investments of your ministry.

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  • Social media is not going away. Great article, Derek. That’s why we need people like you keeping us informed. Thanks so much. Love “Gospel Sneeze Academy.”‘ Great content.

  • Cllr. Robert H. Brown

    This is the age we now live in. Social media is used by so many today especially those of the younger generation. It’s the way that our youth communicate with each other. To ignore it would be at our peril. We must go into all the world and preach the gospel teaching all men to come to the knowledge of the truth and to repent and obey the Scriptures given to us by our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.
    We as a congregation of the Lord’s Body have been using social media to promote Christ living in us since I opened a Facebook Account for the Peterborough church of Christ 16 months ago. It was slow at the beginning but is now gathering pace with more & more likes everyday and we just started posting our sermons on video which you can see at:
    It works for us and I’m thankful for people like you Derek that see how important Social Media is to Christianity. I’m sure that we appreciate everything you are doing in helping others see the light when it comes to using this type of communication.
    It really doesn’t matter how many social media websites there are … but it does matter if you want to tell the world about Jesus and why we follow Him doing all we can in both word & deed. It’s vital the GOD’s Word is published on these websites. At least you give people the opportunity of responding to the most important question in life, “What must I do to be saved ?”

    • Good thoughts Robert. Love what you guys are doing!

      • Cllr. Robert H. Brown

        Thank you Derek.