6 Ways to FOCUS in a Dug Syndrome Society


We have a serious problem in our society. It’s called Dug Syndrome. And no, that’s not its official name, but it certainly is an apt description of what it’s like trying to focus in today’s world.

In case you’re unaware or don’t remember, Dug was the name of the talking dog from Pixar’s UP! When grumpy Carl and boy scout Russell first met Dug, he explained that his master made him a collar that allowed him to speak English. But midway through a sentence and without warning Dug’s head whips around as he shouts, “SQUIRREL!” (Watch this clip.)

And that is just like us. Mid-sentence… mid-project… mid-thought… mid-study… mid-research… mid-anything… then suddenly: “SQUIRREL!” – we get another notification. We wonder who commented on our Facebook photo. We have to see if any new emails arrived in the past five minutes. And then we go back to whatever it was we were doing, only to rinse and repeat moments later: “SQUIRREL!”

And here’s the problem with Dug Syndrome: