Facebook or Twitter? Where Should Your Ministry Focus?

Why your ministry should focus more on Twitter

If you had to choose to devote your energy, your money and your ministry efforts to either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but you could only choose one, which would it be?

For most people there’s no contest. Facebook is the obvious choice.

After all, Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world with by far the most active users. And unlike Twitter and Instagram which use the impersonal “Follow” terminology, Facebook prefers using the term “Friend.”

And Facebook is a place for families and friends to stay connected. It’s a place where people share ideas and share their lives. The Groups, Pages and Events features help build community.

For all of those reasons, choosing Facebook is a no-brainer, right?

And so you’d think it’s the perfect platform to invest your ministry into if you want to have a far-reaching impact, right?


That’s not true anymore.

Christians love Twitter more than Bieber fans!

So why is your church not Tweeting?

Justin Bieber is kind of a train wreck these days. But he’s a train wreck with over 65 million Twitter followers. For better or for worse, that’s a lot of influence. But what most people don’t know when they look at those numbers is that vanity metrics – the sheer volume of followers – doesn’t really matter. Quality over quantity wins every time. Consider Joyce Meyer.

We’re gonna step back because the article I’m about to cite hasn’t been updated in a few years, but the study still speaks volumes.

FellowshipOne released a study which sought to compare interactions – people who *like*, *retweet* and *comment* – compared to their follower count. Here’s what they found.

7 Twitter Strategies For Your Church

How to impact your community one tweet at a time

Twitter is the third largest social media platform behind Facebook and Instagram. It is used by high school students and business people alike and it’s a fast-paced global trend-setting technology. Yet many church leaders are still wondering what all the fuss is about. Maybe that’s you?

I remember reading about Rick Warren’ conversation with John Piper. Piper was an active twitter user – an early adaptor – and Warren viewed the platform as narcissistic and self-serving. Then Piper said something to the effect of, “We are called to impact every space for God’s glory, and that includes the digital space.”

That was enough for Warren to sign up and send out this first tweet:

How a tweet can make you a better preacher by Sunday

I’m going to give you a tip today that, if applied immediately, will make you a better preacher by Sunday. There are a lot of things you can do to become a better speaker but central to all the tricks of the trade is the power of a single tweet. Let me explain.

Are you doing this?

There’s a discipline that I want to believe most pastors do, but if the ministerial seminar I was a part of back in March was any indication, it’s probably not that common.

The seminar was geared toward helping pastors hone their preaching skills. During the seminar the leader broke us up into groups of about 4 and assigned each group a different passage from the Gospels. Among the various exercises we had to do was this one:

Why your church should use Twitter

Have you ever wondered what possible use your church might have for a Twitter account? I put the question out there with a tweet and someone replied, “Churches don’t tweet because they have nothing to say.” I don’t believe that’s true. Churches have lots to say. But I can think of three other reasons why a church might not see the value in Twitter.

I believe the three reasons why a church might not use Twitter are:

30 Days in #Twitterville for Church Leaders

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Be positive and encouraging #TwitterTip

I don’t know anybody who likes to feel down in the dumps. People want to feel good about themselves and about the things they’re passionate about. Use Twitter to genuinely encourage others and watch as your followers grow.