Christians love Twitter more than Bieber fans!

So why is your church not Tweeting?

Justin Bieber is kind of a train wreck these days. But he’s a train wreck with over 65 million Twitter followers. For better or for worse, that’s a lot of influence. But what most people don’t know when they look at those numbers is that vanity metrics – the sheer volume of followers – doesn’t really matter. Quality over quantity wins every time. Consider Joyce Meyer.

We’re gonna step back because the article I’m about to cite hasn’t been updated in a few years, but the study still speaks volumes.

FellowshipOne released a study which sought to compare interactions – people who *like*, *retweet* and *comment* – compared to their follower count. Here’s what they found.

  • Joyce Meyer, who had at the time 993,000 followers, had 170 interactions per 50,000.
  • Joel Osteen, who had at the time 712,000 followers, had 147 interactions per 50,000.
  • Max Lucado, who had at the time 135,000 followers, had 63 interactions per 50,000.
  • Now compare those numbers to Justin Bieber, who at the time 22.6 million followers, but had a measly 59 interactions per 50,000.

Here’s the rub. Though Justin Bieber had more than twenty times more Twitter followers than Joyce Meyer, people who followed Joyce Meyer interacted with her tweets almost three times more often than Bieber fans interacted with his tweets.

Let’s take another example to knock the point out of the park.

Pastor TD Jakes tweeted “Your words will tell others what you think. Your actions will tell them what you believe” to his (at the time) 45,000 followers.

Popstar Katy Perry tweeted “Sometimes jet lag makes me feel like a cross eyed crack head #muststayawake” to her (at the time) more than 2 million followers.

Which group of followers do you think interacted more with the tweets, the 45,000 who followed the pastor or the 2 million who followed the popstar?

Both received pretty much the exact same amount of interactions (Perry got 2091 while Jakes got 2090 which is incredible considering how many follower Perry had compared to Jakes).

Statistically Christian ministries prefer Facebook over Twitter by a landslide. But for the Christians that are on twitter, they are a highly active and highly engaged group.

Which means if your ministry or church isn’t using Twitter as part of their social media outreach strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Finding your core – the people who’ll love to engage with your content (i.e. believers) – who in turn will share that content to make an everlasting impact in the lives of those they are connected to.

And who knows where that will lead.

But before I go I want to draw one more point from this study. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a lot of Twitter followers. The quality of your followers if far more important than the quantity. Cultivate your core and you’re grow your influence leaps and bounds. Be faithful and let God do the rest.

And never underestimate the power of a tweet.

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