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In 2014 I conducted an in-house survey of thousands of churches in Canada and the US about the current state and need of church websites. What I wanted to know was (1) what percentage of churches have a website? (2) Of the churches that do have websites, what percentage of them are current, modern and maintained? And (3) what percentage of people will make a decision about visiting the church based on it’s website? Here’s what I found…

I’m exaggerating only a little when I say that in today’s world it is almost a sin for a church to not have a website. That’s a given. I have no intention of shaming anyone. But we need to acknowledge the world we live in. This is the digital era. When Jesus said go to where the people are, in today’s world that translates into: “have a digital presence.”

There is no way to get around it.

Your Digital Front Door

Your website is the digital front door to your church.

According to a survey polled by Justin Wise’ team from ThinkDigital – and published in his book, The Social Church – 47% of people surveyed said that a church’s website is a major factor when considering visiting a church.

So my question to you is, what kind of first impression is your church making on potentially 50% of it’s visitors?

And this is where we need to go a step further and acknowledge that it’s not enough just to have any old website slapped together like a listing in the Yellow Pages.

Here are two key reasons why…

Two Keys To Your Church Website

The internet has come along way since 1989. The bar has been raised and with it, so has people’s expectations.

The success, reach and effectiveness of your website rests on two elements:

1. Aesthetics: Does it look good? Is it modern? Is it responsive (meaning, does it even look good on mobile devices)? Is it interactive? Does it have a great flow?

2. Functional: Was your website designed with churches in mind? Does it have a blog? A place to list your ministry leaders? A special page for sermons? Beliefs? Ministries? Donations? Events (and Google Calendar’s don’t count. They practically scream “90’s and outdated!”)?

Through my own survey and research I discovered that only about 9% of churches meet today’s standards.

Now I know what your thinking… (tell me if I’m wrong):

  • “We can’t afford the kind of website you’re describing?”


  • “We don’t have a web developer?”

Well I’ve got good news for you and then I’ve got good news for you and then I’ve got more good news for you.

Good News #1: Stellar Websites Are Cheap Today

I’ve examined websites that some mammoth churches paid thousands of dollars for, and compared them to smaller churches that I’ve provided websites for. Guess what? These smaller churches have websites of the same caliber as the ones that cost mammoth churches thousands of dollars, but they paid less than $100 for.

Money is just no excuse in today’s world. My little church has a website from that, at the time, I paid $50 for. Recently the overseer of our denomination was down visiting and he said from the pulpit, (and I’ll quote him exactly):

“I visited your church website last night and I really have to say, it is one of the – if not the – best church website in our entire district.”

That’s huge praise for a small church website in a large denomination.

Good News #2: Experts No Longer Required

Honestly, if you purchased a website from, not only would you be given the website as a single packaged upload-able file, but you’d also have access to simple step-by-step setup instructions. You do not need to know html code to use these stellar website templates. Long gone are the days when you needed a web master set up your website.

All you need is 1) a Bluehost account (which, if you purchase it from my site today, would only cost you about $3.95 a month), 2) WordPress which is a free platform that your website will be built in and Bluehost has set it up as a one-click install to make things really easy for you! 3) A website theme from that you upload to your WordPress account. That’s it. Bluehost has free video tutorials to get you going and great support. And so does on both accounts. Great video tutorials and great support.

I’ve provided many churches with websites in the past. I know very little html. Not enough to built a single page. Trust me when I say, you do not need an expert on hand.

Good News #3: I’m Giving Away A Church Themed Website!!!

I’ve joined forces with to giveaway one of their amazing websites to one church through a giveaway contest that will run from now through to midnight on February 26. have two of the best church website templates I’ve seen. I’ve used them both and can honestly tell you that your church’s online presence will never be the same.

Their first theme is called RESURRECT – it’s the one my own church uses, and we love it!



Their second theme is called EXODUS – and what I love about the Exodus theme is how clean and infinite it feels with the banner stretching across the width of your screen.


The winner of this contest can have their pick of any church website theme from and entrance into this contest is really easy.

Here’s how to enter:

To enter for a chance to win your church a brand new beautiful and functional church website theme just do two things:

Step One: Subscribe to this blog

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If you want to learn more about just click on their logo below. You can also Demo their Themes by clicking here: RESURRECT | EXODUS.