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Designed by a Christian bookstore owner for Christian bookstores. Through this program you'll see amazing growth in your Christian bookstore business. This is the growth strategy you've been looking for! Scroll down to see how we're going to grow your business.

Here's What You Get!

  • Lead Generating Website

    Designed specifically to grow your business by attracting new leads and getting them into your store. We’ll provide the lead generating website for free and customize it to match your store 100%.

  • Free Advertising $100 A Month

    Highly targeted ads using Facebook’s PowerEditor designed to generate new leads. The most effective way to go out and get new customers. Up to $100 a month, free.

  • Email Automated Sequences

    This powerful secret weapon will turn your first time visitor or customer into a returning client by getting them back into your store at least three times in their first six months through our email automation sequence.

  • Watch Your Business Grow!

    Through our services and Digital Marketing strategy you’ll watch as new customers arrive at your door daily and return to your store at least three times in the first six months.

Here's How It Works!

  • Monthly Connect & Plan Meetings

    Connect with us once a month to plan out your marketing strategy for the following month and leave the rest to us. We’ll make it happen so you can get sit back and watch your business grow.

  • Open Line of Communication

    Connect with us anytime you want. Change of plans? New direction? Something you need to add to the plan? No problem. We’ll keep an open line of communication so you can have the best customized experience.

  • Track Your Growth

    Hit your target and track your growth. Discover how many new leads you’re generating, how many new customers came into your store and how much your revenue has increased as a result.

  • We'll Do All The Work

    Leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll do all the work of creating, setting up and running your Digital Marketing strategy so you don’t have to.

Weekly Email Management Service

Are you paying a staff thousands of dollars a year to manage your email marketing strategy? Are you frustrated because you are not getting the kind of results you want? Let us experts do it for you. Increase your read rate, get more sales and build stronger relationships with your customers every single week.

Save Money While You Grow!

Stop Paying For Facebook Advertising

We'll take care of your Facebook advertising for you so you don't have to. Up to $1,200 every year will be invested in the growth of your business through Facebook advertising.

Stop Paying For A Product-Based Website 

Your product-based website is literally killing your business. You can't compete with Amazon or other big-box businesses, and new customers will go to where they can get the biggest savings.

Instead, let us give you a Lead Generating Website (for free) that is designed to attract and grow your customer base every day.

Cancel Your Email Marketing Provider

Let us take this expense off your shoulders. Cancel your email marketing provider so we can manage your email campaigns and growth strategy for you at no extra cost.

Offset Your Cost 100%

By cancelling your website provider, your email marketing provider and your Facebook advertising, and letting us take care of these tools for you and put them to work in a solid strategy to grow your business, your costs for our services are 100% offset.

BONUS Exclusive Access To Our Christian Bookstore Media Kit!

As a bonus we're going to give you exclusive access to our Christian Bookstore Media Kit for FREE. You can freely use any resource in this site as a part of your marketing efforts to grow you business through digital resources.

  • Access to hundreds of 3D images of bestselling Christian product

    You can download and use these images in all of your marketing efforts.

  • Facebook Organic Reach Course

    This course is designed specifically to teach you how to grow you influence on Facebook by increasing your organic (unpaid) reach.

  • Image Author Quotes to Share on Social Media

    Your social media followers will find these image quotes by famous Christian authors inspiring. Download and brand them for free, then share them with your followers.

  • And more...

    More content will be added to the site as opportunities and ideas come to help you grow your business through digital tools.

Easy. No Change Required!

No major change on your part is required. Committed to your current website? No problem. The Lead Generating Website I'll give you can be in addition to that. Want to keep your own email marketing tool? No problem. I'll manage your emails from your system. The process is as simple as it is powerful and requires very little change or commitment on your part.

Grow your business up to $324,000 in 5 years!

Attract new customers and turn them into returning clients

Save over $400+ every month! Offset your cost.

Customized digital marketing strategy.


Let Us Take The Risk So You Don't Have To

If you are not 100% satisfied with the results you're getting, you can cancel any time. Just fire us an email.

But we'll even go further and say, if you're not 100% satisfied with your results, then when you cancel we'll give you the lead generating website absolutely free. You can keep it and continue to use it to grow your business. This is our Above And Beyond Satisfaction Guarantee.