Do you need a degree to minister and be heard?

Hey, recently I read about a guy who hated writing and who dropped out of college to become a bestselling author. Yes, you heard that right. He hated writing, but he dropped out of college to become a bestselling author.

And from that book he launched a business and career and influences hundreds and thousand of people every single day.

Today he has courses online. He teaches. He has other bestselling books.

And he doesn’t even have a college degree.

Isn’t that crazy?

Why would so many people read a book written by a recent college drop out?

It used to be that if you wanted to be heard, you had to have “something under your belt.”

Even if you wanted to start a ministry, nobody would take you seriously if you didn’t at least finish Bible college.

But that’s not the case anymore.

There’s a young homeschooled girl here in my hometown who recently graduated high school and when she did she started a ministry using nothing more than a blog and social media.

In one year her Facebook page grew to more than 3,000 followers, her blog has exploded. She developed a team of ministry partners and leads and facilitates online Bible studies.

Why would so many people gather around, follow and be influenced by a young girl fresh out of homeschooling?

The answer is we live in a world radically different than anything before.

Today people will judge you on your passion before they judge you on your level of education.

If you’re passionate about helping people, you win. It really is that simple. The more passionate you are, the more you win.

Technology has made this possible.

We no longer need permission from gatekeepers to have influence, get our message out and help people around the world.

All you need is to use the technology that is already at your fingertips, And when you combine that with the right strategy, you’ll have a fool-proof recipe for…

  • Launching a ministry
  • Planting a church
  • Writing a book
  • Teaching online courses
  • Leading online Bible studies
  • Creating innovation within your local community
  • Starting an apologetics or evangelism ministry
  • Running a discipleship program
  • Beginning a coaching ministry
  • Or whatever else you can imagine…

And the best part is nobody is standing in your way.

But there are people willing to help you. And I’m one of them.

I took a college run class on social media (heck, I could have taught the class, but I wanted to see what it had to offer), and here’s the thing: the curriculum for the class was only six months old and already it was outdated!

In the past this wouldn’t be a problem. Post-secondary curriculum would often be good for a decade or so. Maybe longer.

But after six months the material used to teach me in this college class last year on social media was already out of date!

There goes $500 bucks!

Today’s challenge and opportunity

If you’re in ministry – whether you’re a pastor, small group leader, evangelist, youth leader, etc. – or if you want to start your own ministry like the young women I mentioned above, you need to stay on top of the best ways to use this technology for God’s kingdom.

You need to stay current. You need training.

But traditional education will take up too much of your time. Too much money. And by the time you enrol the material will already be outdated!

So that’s the challenge. And that’s why I created iGospel Academy. iGospel Academy is a cheap and highly effective solution to your greatest challenge: how to continue to innovate and use today’s technology for God’s Kingdom in a way that’s affordable and flexible with your time.

iGospel Academy is a ministry-training and empowering website designed to help mission-minded Christians learn to use today’s technology and leadership tools to reach more people for God’s Kingdom.

In the Academy you’ll find interviews and presentations by church leaders and social media practitioners who are having amazing results through their unique approaches to ministry.

Learn what they are doing, learn from them, discover how they are doing it and then follow the accompanying action guides that will help you produce similar results.

In the Academy…

  • Vince Antonucci, pastor of the Verve church in Las Vegas, will teach you how to do innovative church services for people who don’t like church
  • Jason Caston, author of the iChurch Method, will teach you how to launch an Internet Church Campus
  • Anna Powers will talk about Periscope and what live video can do for your ministry
  • Janet Sewell, a missionary and apologist in Greece, will share with you how to Evangelize in the digital space
  • Keith Webb, author of The Coach Model, will show you how to become a ministry coach
  • And that’s just to name of few of the many presentations in the Academy.
  • Plus you’ll learn:
    • How to launch a ministry with a book, and get it on one of Amazon’s #1 lists
    • How to increase your Facebook organic reach
    • How to grow your Twitter account fast with maximum impact
    • How to be more consistent and save time on social media with content buckets
    • And more…

My goal with iGospel Academy is to bring solid, high quality training to ministry leaders and mission-minded Christians at a price anybody can afford.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in then let me tell you about an early bird special that ends Wednesday, March 16th, at midnight (EST). You can scoop up a membership into the Academy for only $15 a month, or $130 a year or $400 for a lifetime membership (which is cheaper than taking one class at your local college!).

Plus, if you enrol before midnight Wednesday, you won’t pay anything for 30 days. This will give you some time to check out the content in the Academy to see if it’s right for you before you pay.

Today is the best time to join the Academy. After Wednesday the price will go up (slightly) and the first month free option will be gone.

So click here if you want to learn more or to take advantage of this opportunity.


I hope to see you on the inside!