Join The Book Launch Team For “Your Next Bible”

I'm less than 3 months from launching my new book, "Your Next Bible: Choosing With Confidence." It's about how to choose your next Bible and explains things such as why do some Bibles have the words of Christ in red, and others do not? Why do some Bibles appear to be missing verses? Are literal translations always more accurate? and so on.

It's geared toward the seasoned Bible user, as well as to the first-time Bible buyer.

Why I Wrote This Book

Sure, I'm a blogger with over 30,000 email and social media followers. But I'm also a bookstore owner. I've sold Bible's in the Christian retail industry for almost fifteen years and I have often wished a resource like this was available to recommend to people searching for their next Bible.

So I finally decided it was time to write it myself.

Here's What You Get As A Launch Team Member

As a launch team member and for helping my book help as many people as possible, I'll give you a whole bunch of bonuses with a combined value of $260! Those perks and bonuses include:

1) A complimentary digital copy of my new book that will be delivered to you piece by piece (you're feedback will help create the book - $15 value)

2) You'll be credited with a shout out on my launch page as a launch team member ($15 value)

3) Free lifetime access to my membership site, iGospel Academy ($60 value).

4) Membership into my private launch team Facebook Group ($10 value).

5) Free lifetime access to my Self-Publishing Course ($140 value)

6) Free lifetime access to my Author's Platform Building course ($80 value)

7) Free lifetime access to my Maximum Twitter Impact course ($40 value)

----- Bonuses: $260 Value! -----

Here's What You Have To Do

There are only two things all launch team members are expected to do

1) Leave a short honest book review on during the book’s launch week (between April 2-8, 2017)

2) Do at least ONE thing on social media to help spread the word during launch week. You could send a tweet, mention it on Facebook, do a LinkedIn status update, upload a pic to Instagram, whatever.

Of course, if you WANT to do other things like buy copies of the book for friends, share my FB launch posts, RT my tweets, send me brownies—I won’t object!

So does this sound awesome or what? If you’re interested fill out the form below to sign up right away.

- Derek

Note: When filling out the form, tell me as much about your blog and social reach as you can (how many followers? etc). Don't worry if you have little to no followers. To qualify you just have to be willing to read the book, review it and share it on Amazon during launch week.

NOTE: if the form gives you an error message (as some people reported to me), just fire me an email at

Next Step:

In the comments below tell me why you are interested in joining the launch team for Your Next Bible?

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