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Church Leaders Online: 3 Reasons The Web Needs You

Last May as I was building this website and preparing for it’s July 1st launch I remember desperately trying to figure out what kind of ebook I should offer my future subscribers on this site. After several renditions and many direction changes I settled on a little book designed to convince Christian leaders that they are needed online more now than ever.

Now, almost one year and hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS!) of subscribers later, I feel it’s time to change up my subscription incentive. The little ebook, Church Leaders Online: Three Reason The Web Needs You has served this community well.

It wasn’t a perfect ebook.

Some people pointed out typos and grammatical errors. But by far the majority who read the book praised it for speaking directly into their lives.

But as all good things need to eventually move aside so something better can take their place, I wanted to offer this ebook to you for free, one last time.

If you want to take advantage of this last chance offer, Click Here.


And here’s a brief description of the ebook:

This short e-book is a great resource for leaders in the Christian community. In it I briefly cover (1) the history of the internet from it’s advent back in the 1960′s to today’s social media explosion; (2) the dangers of social media and why we need to be media wise as Christian leaders; and finally (3) I offer three reasons why the web needs you!

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~ Derek

P.S. I can’t wait to share with you a new resource I’m going to make available to my subscribers on Monday. I believe you’ll find it invaluable for the future direction of your church’s social media ministry. And if you opt-in to get the ebook I’m offering today (Church Leaders Online), I promise you’ll be among the first to receive a free copy of my new lead magnet. I’m going public with it on Monday, but if you opt-in today I’ll give you access to it Sunday!