Ministry Blogging

I’m beginning a new series called Ministry Blogging. A church or ministry can benefit immensely from utilizing a blog. I’ve experienced this personally but perhaps more significantly, the numbers back it up.

Websites with blogs have more traffic. They make more connections. They build more credibility. They are more visible. They are better quipped to reach the younger generations. They are better positioned to inform and connect with their community. And they are growing both financially and numerically.

And those are just some of the important numbers that should push to you start a ministry blog.

But there are other elements to consider as well.

Like how your blog can enhance your ministry. It can carry over your ministry’s activity into the online space and as a result, carry over your online traffic into your ministry’s physical space.

But knowing that your ministry should blog is one thing. Having a “know-how” is something else entirely.

I met with a pastor and his ministry team about a week ago to discuss the future of their website. After highlighting the essential elements of a church website I began to explain to them why their church needs a blog and what it involves. As I talked to them about blogging how it could help their church their facial expressions began to resemble deer in headlights. But at some point along the way their expressions changed. Their faces lit up with huge grins started to “get it.” They saw the possibilities that a blog can have on their ministry. It excited them. They’ve since developed a blogging team and are presently in the process of learning how to blog.

So I know first hand how overwhelming and technical a blog can seem. But it’s really not that difficult and in fact it can be quite exciting if you let the possibilities motivate you to keep at it.

I want to provide ministry leaders with a guide to help them along the path from launching a successful blog the right way, to good writing that fits your message and style, to promoting your blog and all the ways on to helping you use your blog to develop real-life relationships that will grow your faith-community.

So stick with me and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on this series.

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