Number One Key To Twitter Growth and Influence

[podcast] One of three key ingredients to growth on Twitter

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Show Notes

In today’s video podcast (which you can listen to on iTunes if you’re out and about btw) I talk about one of the three main ingredients of what it takes to grow your Twitter account fast with true followers so that you can have greater influence and impact.

The challenge we face on social media (especially if you’re just starting out) is the challenge of getting noticed.

  • How to get on Twitter’s recommendation list?
  • How to get into Instagram’s discovery feed?
  • How to be seen by followers of your followers through Retweets?
  •  How to get more views on Facebook?

The deceptively simple ingredient I talk about in this video podcast is the posting of content consistently and frequently.

In this podcast I don’t just talk about where I’m succeeding, but also where I’m failing, and why.

I also explain my motivation for consistent posting:

  • 25% to 50% of my followers viewed my profile first.
  • Example: In December 2015 I had over 10k profile visits and over 5k new followers
  • The strategy feeds into itself: consistency is fuelled by new followers and new followers is fuelled by being consistency and a few other ingredients

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