On this page you’ll find my products… some are completed and some are coming soon.

Social Media 10-Step Walkthrough Guide For Churches

new ebook cover400The first product I want to draw your attention to is perhaps the best “quick win” resource I’ve created for churches to date.

Get My FREE eBook: Social Media 10-Step Walkthrough Guide for Churches. This actionable guide will save you time, money and resources. And it’s guaranteed to have life-changing impact and get real results in your social media ministry if you follow the guide!

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The Joys of Marriage: A Memoir


3DThe Joys of Marriage was a personal memoir written for my wife and presented to her as a gift on our first anniversary.

The book has since been published and is available for sale on Amazon. It is not without mistakes, but I am proud of it.

I published the book for two reasons:

First, I was encouraged to do so by many people who read it. It has since been purchased and given away to engaged couples much to my surprise!

Secondly, I published it for the experience of learning how to publish a book. The information I learned is invaluable.

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 Church Leaders Online: 3 Reasons the Web Needs You



This eBook takes a brief look at how the internet went from where it started back in the 70’s to where we are today.

Filled with great facts and information, it goes beyond that and explains why now more than ever the internet needs leaders of the Christian faith to be shining examples of Christ online.

Get it for $7.97

How to Monetize Your Platform (When You’re Just Beginning)

Honestly I never expected to write this type of book. But ever since starting this website I’ve received dozens of messages from people asking how I make money while helping people online. So this book is way over due already. I should have written it months ago.

Coming Soon $34.99

Social Media and the Local Church (Full Course)

Social Media and the Local Church is a complete online strategy course for Churches and Christian ministries. It contains eighteen video based modules with over three hours of training and a full 120 page eBook. In addition it also comes with a Quick Win training video and eBooklet plus a bonus Consultation video. $347 value for only $97!

Box 3D Set Social Media and the Local Church plus stuff

Coming Soon $97

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