Facebook Debating Is A Bad Idea

February 2, 2016

Recently I contributed an article for the Canadian Christian online magazine titled, “Facebook Debating Is A Bad Idea.”

You can check out the whole article by clicking here.

But if all you need are the cliffsnotes, here are six reasons why Facebook debating is a bad idea:

1. Everyone with an keyboard and an opinion can chime in

“It’s difficult to have a reasonable conversation with a high percentage of people on Facebook. And if we’re going to be honest, that sometimes includes us too.” ⇐Tweet That

2. Some people just want to debate

“When someone wants to debate, lives to debate, thrives on debate (for God only knows what reasons), they will never stop. They live and move for the last word.” ⇐Tweet That

3. It accomplishes nothing

“Almost nothing good ever comes out of debating on Facebook.” ⇐Tweet That

4. It destroys testimonies

“It’s a relational buzz-kill. If you’re trying to build credibility and relationships, don’t get caught up in petty debates.” ⇐Tweet That

5. A Facebook debate is not a debate ⇐Tweet That

“In real debates no one expects that either side will change their views (I don’t know that it has ever happened in a professional debate). The purpose of the debate is so that the audience can hear the opposing views and make an educated opinion on who has the stronger arguments.”

6. Faceless Facebook

“I have seen relationships ruined over a debate that could have been better served up and resolved over a cup of coffee.” ⇐Tweet That

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The Social Media Guide For Ministry (Group Publishing, 2013)

As a digital ministry coach, blogger and founder of Gospel Sneeze Academy, I read a lot of material about social media and the church. What makes this book by Nils stand out is a) it is very practical, offering some step by step instructions and practical guidance; b) it is not wordy – Nils gets right to the point and doesn’t seem to strive to lengthen the book unnecessarily; c) Nils provides real-life case studies and not just theory.

The book is a little dated right now (as any book on social media is almost immediately after publication), but still highly valuable which is a testament to how well it accomplishes its goal.