Season 1, Episode 02: 8 ways to be more secure online [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 02 of Inspire, a podcast for Christian leaders online and those who aspire to be one. In this episode I offer 8 tips on how you can be more secure online.

Internet security has never been more important than today. It seems hackers are in full bloom and it can be quite scary having a social media presence because you never know if or when you will be a hacker’s next victim. Believe me, my website was hacked once and it was terrifying. I felt helpless and violated. I didn’t know what to do.

Fortunately I learned from that experience and now I want to share with you 8 tips to help you be more secure online. This is especially important if you have a ministry website or a church website or even a business.

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Show Notes

In this episode I offer eight tips to help you be more secure online.

#1. Avoid registering with new websites or applications using 3rd party apps like Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

#2. Assign a password point-person for your organization.

#3. Create strong passwords that include numbers, symbols and ambiguous characters.

#4. Be intentional about what you share and with whom.

#5. Create a Junk email account.

#6. Don’t give your passwords out (not even to friends).

#7. Don’t forget to log out.

#8: Prepare for the worst.

  • Stay Calm
  • Backup your website on a regular basis
  • Contact your website provider, explain and explain the situation
  • Contact people who might have been affected by the hack and explain the situation to them.


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