Season 1, Episode 03: 10 essential elements of every church website [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 03 of Inspire, a podcast for Christian leaders online and those who aspire to be one. In this episode I discuss with you the 10 essential elements every church website absolutely needs in today’s world.

I’ve done a pile of research over the past year and what I found is that only about 9% of churches in North American are equipped to reach 47% of their potential audience. Here’s what I mean: in his book, The Digital Church, Justin Wise and his team did a study and found that 47% of people surveyed said that a church’s website is a key factor when decided whether or not to visit the church.

And in my study of hundreds of churches in major cities across Canada and the United States I found that only about 9% of churches have modern and functional websites that are equipped with the essential elements needed today to truly impact their visitor in a way that might help them decided to visitor the church.

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Show Notes

#1: Put your contact and location information on the front page of your website.

#2: Use real images rather than stock photos to show visitors you are genuine.

#3: Include an About Us or History Page.

#4: Tell your visitor what they can expect.

#5: Let them know what your church stands for.

#6: Share your core beliefs and values.

#7: Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

#8: Include profiles of your leadership team.

#9: Have a descriptive ministries page.

#10: Upload audio and video sermons.

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