Season 1, Episode 04: Do the dangers of social media outweigh the benefits? [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 04 of Inspire, a podcast for Christian leaders online and those who aspire to be one. In this episode I talk with Ryan Richardson about whether the dangers of social media outweigh the benefits.

Ryan is the founder of Media Safe workshops and the author of Saving Face(book) and Ryan has a brand new book coming out called When Private Is Public. You can find out more about him on his website Be Media Safe.

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Three Questions:

Question #1: For some people the dangers of social media are greater than the benefits. People sometimes bring up the fact that there is porn on the Internet. Or that it’s not safe for their children. And these are valid concerns. But do these dangers and concerns outweigh the benefits of using social media for God’s Kingdom? What do you say to that person in church leadership who feels that way?

Question #2: What are some measures a church can take to safely operate and utilize a social media ministry with their people?

Question #3: What would you say to a church that is considering launching a social media ministry, but there’s some fear or hesitancy to move forward. They know that they “should” or “need” to be present online. But the whole endeavour seems strange and overwhelming. How would you counsel them?

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