Protected: Social Media and the Local Church – Live Event

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  • I’m looking forward to this LIVE event, Derek. I think this will benefit pastors, ministry leaders and nonprofit organizations. Can I offer a suggestion? The first thing I look for when I consider an event is the date and time (with timezone). It was there, but I had to backtrack to find. Anyway, love the download, and I know you will “knock it out of the park!” Keeping you in prayer.

  • Derek the sound and visual went out.

  • WooHoo! You’re back!

  • catherine Collins-Barker

    The sound and visual went out for the last 3 minutes thanks

  • Thanks everyone please refresh the page. Then press play!

  • Great content. Can’t wait to hear more! It happens!

  • catherine Collins-Barker

    great discussion and info.. looking forward to next week

  • Paul Cummings

    I can hear you

  • Been out of town and just heard the playback. Right on, Derek. Love the prayer request suggestion.

  • Showing the path to connection was very effective. People are already online so recruiting bloggers for a stronger church presence makes sense. (Sent you a recorded question. Hope it was clear.)

    • Thanks Marisa, I’ve already listened to your recording. Good to hear your voice!

  • Well done, Derek. Thanks for answering my question. I’ll have to check my “open rate” on my own email address when I preview my blog and see what Constant Contact reveals. Great answer. You did it! All done for now. Look forward to future content.

    • Thank you Marisa. You’ll have to let me know what you learn from Constant Contact. I’ll be in touch!