Topic: Social Media and the Local Church


Quick Topic Summary

In our global social media-satiated society churches are struggling with finding their place in the new digital realm. How can local churches grab ahold of a global technology like social media, and focus that technology to reach the community God has called them to reach? In this presentation I discuss how churches can use social media and their websites to impact their local community for the Kingdom of God.

About My Presentations

My presentation is designed to motivate and equip mission minded Christians to use social media to impact this world for God’s Kingdom. The presentation is motivational, practical, interactive and may take any one of the following three formats:

1. An Hour Lecture

My one hour lecture is designed as a motivational talk perfect the occasions when I’ll be sharing the seminar with multiple other speakers in a single day. Attendees of this lecture will leave passionate and anxious to begin using social media intentionally in their ministry.

2. A Half-Day Session

My half day session is designed to combine motivation with practical instructions so that the attendees will leave excited to use social media for God’s Kingdom and be armed with some essential information to get them going. These sessions are typically two hours long with a half hour activity in between to total two and a half hours.

3. A Full Day’s Seminar

My full day seminar is very practical, engaging, interactive and rewarding. It includes both a morning and an afternoon session, each two hours long and each with a thirty minute interactive session in between plus an additional 30 minute workshop. It includes creative brainstorming, personalized strategy plans, intentional networking and peer-to-peer support and interaction.


Target Audience

This presentation is geared toward lead pastors, church leadership teams and anyone who wants to learn how to use social media in their ministry to reach more lives for God’s Kingdom. This includes lead pastors, evangelists, missionaries, youth ministries, and independent passionate people or small faith-based organizations.

Intended Outcome

From this material the audience will take ownership of the conviction that the church today is called to engage and leverage the digital space for God’s Kingdom. They will have a new perspective on the digital technology, and be fired up and passionate about using it. They will leave with practical tips that they can carry out right away.

Topic Authority

I’ve taught this course in live webinars and I have a year-round training course in development. I’ve written on this topic expensively and spoken at conferences across the United States and in Canada. I have a book on this topic slated to be released for March 2016.


Derek is extremely knowledgeable and has a passion to share God’s love through the Internet. Church leaders will find Derek’s content extremely valuable and practical. He offers step-by-step guidelines and makes social media ministry doable for both large and small churches.Marisa Shadrick
Author, Blogger, Speaker
Derek has provided a very powerful case for the need of developing a social media ministry for the local church. He has also given some very practical and doable steps in creating a social media strategy for any-sized church.Pastor John Neposlan
Lead Pastor
For those who have not used social media to bring your church to the community, this course will not only give you the tools, it will provide ideas for several types of social media, demographics. Derek takes the “scary” world of social media and shows how it can be your friend.Paul Cummings
Multi Media Coordinator
I think this course improved my confidence on the internet. I could see the many advantages if used correctly and not as much to worry about as I used to believe. thanks Derek it was well worth the time for me to listen to your teachings.Harry Heimann
Home Group Leader
Derek has many great ideas and breaks it all down into a manageable process.Janet Riehle
Director of Communications
A foundational program on the use of Social Media as a ministry of the church. A good overall introduction which leads to further study and implementation.Rev Dr Catherine Collins-Barker

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