Survey Results (6 things I learned)

On the weekend I asked you to answer a survey that would help me serve you better. The results are in and I got lots of good suggestions that I plan to implement. I thought you might like to know what the results were and what I learned, so here you go.

First off, almost everyone said they loved, liked or a least saw great potential in social media. No surprise there since most of those who answered the survey are subscribers to this site.

What was a little more surprising is how few of those who filled out the survey have a website for their ministry, though most of the respondents said they’d like one. The reason most do not could be summarized by one person’s comment: “We didn’t know how to go about setting one up.”

That’s great because in a few weeks I’ll be helping you out with that. So it’s good to know I’ll be serving a need here. By the way, the responses to this question were so interesting that I’ll be doing one more survey in a few weeks with only one single question. Your answers can actually help me put the finishing touches on the “Church Website” course I’m developing.

Now here are the six most common results from the survey.

1. What are the rules of social media?

This one came up a few times and I’m glad it did. We’ll be discussing the “rules” of social media in an upcoming post including social media etiquette and the implied rules which organically developed and govern the online environment.

2. Where do we start?

Another great question. This website really is for beginners. When I was the marketing manager for a Christian bookstore I would meet with pastors who told me that they had no idea where to begin with social media and wondered if it was worth it. Well it is, and I’ll be talking about this soon.

3. How do we sell stuff?

This came up a couple of times (surprisingly). It’s actually a great question that I already planned to discuss because, frankly, I think there’s great opportunity for ministers to generate extra income online. Some ministry leaders don’t really like the idea of selling spirit lifting material. But why not? Think about Radical and Follow Me, two great books by pastor David Platt that you have to buy if you want to read? In fact, just about every “famous” pastor sells stuff. Why can’t local ministers create a product to help support their families? I’ll show you how.

4. What if I’m not a church leader?

Don’t kid yourself. You may not have credentials or hold a specific office, but that is not what makes you a church leader. In fact, those positions may merely make you someone’s boss if you don’t exercise Christ-like leadership. I define a church leaders as “someone who has a positive influence in their Christian community.” If that’s you and if you have a ministry (even if it’s a one person operation), then you are a church leaders. So why not take your ministry to the next level by getting a website (I’ll show you how) and learning to leverage social media?

5. Where’s the line between promotion and annoyance?

Another great comment shared by a few. This will be the subject of a few posts coming up. How do you share content from your ministry without driving people crazy (because when people get annoyed on social media, they simply block you and you lose your effectiveness.)

6. Promote thoughtful discussion

I love this one! You’ll notice at the bottom of every post I ask a question and encourage people to leave a comment but I can only do so much in this area. The rest is up to you. Studies have shown that “comments” in the blogosphere are down right across the web as the discussions are being moved into other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as people share the articles. This has actually caused some big bloggers to close their comment section off completely. I’m not about to do that and I already had a post waiting to be written about why you should comment on this site. But in the meantime here are a couple of ways you can help.

First, you can be the first to leave a comment. I love on YouTube how there’s actually a race to leave the first comment on bigger YouTube channels. When a new video is posted by Michael on his Vsauce channel within a matter of seconds you’ll see a string of people write “First” in the comments section as they race to be the first. So don’t be afraid to be the first here, leave a comment and start the conversation. (Hopefully on topic and not with the word “first”.) There will at least be two of us! 🙂

The second thing you can do is share the posts you like with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever you’ve set up space. You can also encourage them to join in on the discussion. Here’s an example of what you could say: “This is a great and helpful post. I left a comment on the site. Check it out: url”.

I will continue to encourage comments and I’ll always be around to engage in the conversation. So go ahead and leave a comment! 🙂

Question: What are two questions you have about websites and how use can use one for your ministry? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Thanks for helping to keep the conversation focused and for being courteous.

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  • Robert Dunbar

    I’m really, REALLY looking forward to the website info. Most churches in my denomination are small and have little if any Internet presence.

    • Hi Robert, that’s perfect. The course I’m working on is designed with mostly small to midsize churches in mind. The information will be a perfect fit for the churches in your denomination. Be sure the pass the info along. I want to help as many churches as I can!