When You Write A Book, Everything Changes

How to have impact that lasts

I have a friend who wanted to start a business teaching about social media safety to schools, at community centres, campgrounds and churches. A part of his strategy to launch his business and ministry was to self-publish a book. And what a strategy that was! Just listen to this…

One day I was attending a church meeting where the subject of social media came up and people were debating the pros and cons of how involved the church should be. Then an elder piped up with this suggestion:

“We should get Ryan to come in and speak to us. He wrote a book!

The way he said it with such force struck me as mildly amusing.

Never mind that my friend’s book is self-published. Never mind that anybody can do it.

The fact is, my friend wrote a book”.

And that fact alone established enough instant authority in the minds of people that doors in schools, churches and throughout the community began to swing wide-open for speaking engagements and to extend his influence.

And that’s what being a published author can do for you.

Sure you have influence when you blog and can become an authority to some extent. Sure if you’re a preacher, missionary, evangelist, you can influence people. But even today, in 2015, there is no better way to show yourself as an authority in your particular area than to publish a book.

And the good news is, publishing a book has never been easier and more affordable than it is right now.

Take Jim’s Book, For Example

Recently my friend Jim wrote a series of blog articles called Jesus Trek and he asked me if I can help him get it published.

Sure, I said.

So I went to work.

It took about a week.

It cost him not a dime (literally, zilch, zero, nada).

And today you can buy his book on Amazon (Click here to check that out), and can even get it in your local bookstore if you want.

Self-Publish Like A Pro

Jim’s request wasn’t unusual for me. I get lots of people coming into the bookstore that I own asking me how to get their book published.

So I’m thrilled to announce a webinar I’m holding called “How To Self-Publish Like A Pro.”

In the webinar I’ll share my story of how I messed up big time when I published my first book, but then did it right the second time. How my mistake can save you countless hours and lots of money. And I’ll tell you how I published Jim’s book so that you can do it to.

My hope is that you’ll walk away from this webinar armed and ready to finally get your book published.

It doesn’t matter if your book is complete, almost complete or if you haven’t even started it yet. When you hear how I did it and discover how easy it is to self-publish like a pro in today’s world, you’ll be energized and motivated to get your book done, published and into the hands of people who need to hear your message.

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