Why Am I Opening Gospel Sneeze Academy?

As we approach the eve of the launch of Gospel Sneeze Academy I want to take you deep into my personal reasons for why I created the Academy in the first place.

And here it is: as a mission-oriented believer of a small church in a little city tipping Eastern Ontario, I feel like my faith-community has been losing its effectiveness. Out of touch with technology and as a consequence, with a big part of what it means to live in today’s world, I feel like if we don’t begin to incorporate a social media strategy into our community, we’ll cease to existed in the coming years (for all intents and purposes).

To put it more bluntly, how can we continue to claim to be a community of Christ followers, if we’re not taking advantage of the greatest communication technology in history? The technology is for the most part free or very cheap, and the only external barrier between us and our mission is knowledge; knowing how to use social media for God’s Kingdom.

What if…

But I also noticed that other churches – mostly larger ones with the resources to hire experts or train their staff to be social media gurus – were having a huge impact in this world for God’s Kingdom through social media.

And I thought to myself, what if I could sit down with these church social media gurus? What if I could learn their strategies and techniques? What if they could share with me their failures, mistakes, successes and stories of lives transformed through their ministry?

Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

I know your pain…

And I know the challenges many of my readers face, because I face them too.

  • What if the leadership staff is passive or resistant to the idea of social media for ministry?
  • What if the congregation is passive or resistant to the idea of social media for ministry?
  • Where does a church or ministry even begin?
  • What to do if we’re not tech-savvy?
  • What to do if we’re an older congregation?
  • How do we lead our community into change?
  • How do we confront conflict in the digital space?
  • What if we don’t have paid staff to manage the accounts?
  • What if we don’t have the time to run the ministry?
  • What if we don’t have the money to buy the necessary tools?

Here’s my answer…

In Gospel Sneeze Academy I interview leading church social media gurus and glean from their experiences. I learn what they do that works, what they’ve done that didn’t work and glean from them principles and practical steps on how to use various social media tools in my ministry.

In talking with Nils Smith I gathered some out-of-this-world strategies for using social media in my ministry. From Charles Stone I learned how to get my church *unstuck* and move them toward a place where social media ministry is had. With Justin Dean I’ve learned how to get my church excited and on fire about its social media ministry… how to move people from a place of dissent to a place of engagement. From Jonathan Milligan I’ll be learned about what blogging can do for ministry leaders and how it can be used as a tool in our ministries.

It’s your answer too…

And I want to ask you a question: wouldn’t you like to sit down and glean from theses people too? Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to ask them questions and hear their answers to your specific issues?

If so, I’d like to invite you to join Gospel Sneeze Academy where you’ll first get to sit in on my discussion with them and then join a live Q&A and get your own questions answered.

If you believe like I do that social media is a tool that should be used for God’s Kingdom, but if you relate with my challenges too, then you absolutely must join Gospel Sneeze Academy.


This is absolutely the best time to join Gospel Sneeze Academy.

I promise you this… the price I’m offering for membership right now ($10 a month) will never be this low again. Ever. So please, please take advantage of this offer. By joining now you’ll save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in the long run. And that is no exaggeration.

I have a passion for ministry and I want to help you in the same way that these church social media guru’s are helping me. So please, stop what you’re doing, and jump over to Gospel Sneeze Academy right now and join the waiting list. The doors for the academy will be opening up on September 15 at 10 am Eastern Time. If you miss this opportunity I promise you will regret it. And I don’t want that to happen. So click this button below, and I’ll be in touch.


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  • It’s exciting to see a resource that’s Christ-centered, user-friendly and rich in content. Congratulations on your launch.