Why Content Consistency Matters More Than You Think

Consistency over Frequency

I’ve been using social media in one form or another since about 2003. But I really got into it around 2007 when I opened my Facebook page and in 2009 I began my first semi-serious blog. Since then I’ve learned two very important lessons: 1) without consistency you cannot have impact, 2) being consistent is hard work.

Here’s what I’ve noticed about posting on social media. When I post on a regular and consistent basis my interactions go up, my followers go up, an my reach goes up.

And I’ve noticed the exact opposite is true. When I post sporadically and occasionally my reach drops, people unfollow me and nobody engages with my content.

In other words, providing consistent content increases your influence while posting inconsistently decreases your influence.

But how frequently should you post?

Well, it depends on which platform we’re talking about.

For example, if we’re talking about a blog, here’s a little tip from Michael Hyatt that you should take to heart.

He says,

When it comes to blogging, consistency matters more than frequency.

Writing takes a lot of time, energy and creativity. Most of us have day jobs and other activities that take up a good portion of our time. So if you can only write one article a week rather than four, perfect. As long as you write one article a week.

Committing to a schedule is key. If you say you’re going to post once a week, deliver on your promise.

With Twitter on the other hand, posting several times a day is what it takes to grow your influence and reach. Twitter (unlike Facebook) doesn’t filter your content or choose who to distribute it to. When you tweet into the Twitter-sphere your tweet will scroll down the newsfeed into oblivion, only being seen by whichever of your followers are on at that time.

So Twitter is the kind of environment that allows you to post multiple times a day – often the same Tweet but worded differently each time.

Facebook on the other hand, doesn’t favour that type of content sharing. On average 3% to 6% of your fans will see your content. That’s a decision that Facebook makes based on a number of calculations (such as Fan engagement). So if you post several times a day on the same or variety type of content, only the same people will see your post (typically).

If you post the same content repeatedly it’s like asking your fans to unfollow you.

So Facebook works best when you post one to two times a day (or five to ten times a week).

But honestly, with all of these different social media platforms requiring different frequency levels – and each of them begging for consistency – where are you going to get the content you need to keep up with such a demanding and eclectic schedule?

Well, I’ve got a treat for you.

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