• Social Media Assistant

    Need a social media strategy? We’ve got you covered!
    We will provide daily updates to sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our social media strategist can manage the social media distribution of your content creation and multimedia content.

    $15/Hour (Retainer: 4 hours weekly minimum) – Learn more

  • Website Virtual Assistant

    We’ll provide you with a stunning website built on WordPress – the worlds largest backend of websites on the Internet. We will create, host and maintain the updates of your website to make your business look good online so you can attract more customers.

    $600 one time (Plus $20/month hosting) – Learn more

  • Self-Publishing Virtual Assistant

    So you’ve written a book, but you don’t know how to publish it? No problem. We’ll self-publish your book for you and make it available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. Send us your manuscript and watch your dreams unfold before your eyes.

    Starting at $300 one time Learn more

  • Virtual Book Launch Manager

    A book launch is the best way to get your book noticed and read by thousands of people from the day it’s published. We’ll help you put together a launch team and work with you to give your book the launch that it deserves.

    $15/Hour (Retainer: 16 hours minimum) – Learn more

  • Email Marketing Manager

    We’ll manage your email marketing, create your e-blasts and help you grow your email list. Email marketing is the best way to build your business, acquire new leads and turn them into customers.

    $15/Hour (Retainer: 4 hours weekly minimum) – Learn more



TIME IS A PROBLEM. You wish you had more time to do what needs to be done for your business. More time for social media. More time to learn the technology. More time to get it done. Now you do. TIME IS NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE!

EXPERIENCE IS A PROBLEM. You're not a social media expert or a marketing expert or a technology enthusiast. You don't love the technology, but you know it is necessary if you want to grow and meet your goals. When you hire us, EXPERIENCE IS NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE!

MONEY IS A PROBLEM. Spending time and money trying to figure everything out is a big problem. It costs money to learn and make mistakes. And sometimes those mistakes are costly. Too costly to even risk. But when hire us, we'll save you loads of money and get you results. MONEY IS NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE!


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